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Compressed air spray

Compressed air spray

Art.-no. 0893620200

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Compressed air spray

Art.-no. 0893620200

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Effortlessly removes dust in hard-to-reach areas


Can be used in low-voltage areas meeting VDE 0100 (voltage range: <50 V (AC), <120 V (DC)) even while energised.

Easy to use

  • Always ready to hand, regardless of compressor, power or pressure lines

  • Long spray tube enables accurate spraying

Dry and oil-free compressed gas

  • Leaves no residue behind

  • Good material compatibility

High pressure and high density

Easy to use and universal application


Do not spray into your eyes, mouth or body orifices. Do not spray on hot components.

Meets EU regulation (EU no. 517/2014)

Product information

Würth Catalogue(X)

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Safety data sheet

Application area

Suitable for maintenance work and repairs to EDP devices, printers, copiers, electronic components and modules, precision engineering, optical instruments, photo equipment, cameras, lenses, projectors, housings, vehicle electronics, magnetic strips, magnetic heads, medical technology, measuring technology, precision parts, microscopes, clocks and model construction.


Insert the spray tube into the valve head opening. When spraying, always keep the can in a vertical position; do not turn 180° and spray above your head.

Optimum can pressure is maintained by actuating the spray head at brief intervals.


200 ml



Chemical basis


Shelf life from production

36 Month


1.18 g/ml

Density conditions

at 20°C

Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

Product information

Würth Catalogue

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