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Neutral silicone Perfect

Neutral silicone perfect

Art.-no. 08925103

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Neutral silicone Perfect

Art.-no. 08925103

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Low-emission, highly adhesive and versatile sealant for expansion joints in indoor and outdoor areas. Specially designed for window glazing and sanitary applications
  • The silicone sealant is MEKO-free and is therefore classified as low-emission and environmentally friendly and has been awarded the EMICODE EC1 Plus label

  • Meets the requirements for window glazing in accordance with DIN 18545, Part 2, Sealant Group E

  • Excellent adhesion to wood, metals and many plastics

  • Excellent compatibility with most commercially available paint and glazing coatings

  • Building material class B2 according to DIN 4102

  • Does not have a tacky surface

  • High degree of abrasion resistance and good smoothing properties

  • Permanently elastic

  • Short pulled thread
NoticeThe colour display is for guidance only. For an exact colour selection, please use our colour sample cards.

Neutral silicone Perfect is not suitable for adhesive bonding or filling hollow spaces. Complies with building material class DIN 4102. Due to the large number of existing paint and glazing formulas, especially on alkyd resin paints, oil-based coatings and powder-coated aluminium, it is necessary to perform your own tests. Remove excess smoothing agent on the glass and frame. Otherwise there is the risk of streaking. Risk of yellowing on contact with white alkyd resin paints cannot be excluded. The transparent colour is adjusted to be milky/cloudy. When hardening, neutral silicone Perfect gives off an odour typical of silicone. This odour can no longer be smelled once the hardening process is complete. Colour adjustment: matt. Silicone surfaces should not be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agents and non-etching cleaners.

Silicone has a tendency to discolour in dark areas where there is no UV exposure. Avoid contact with VKP tape.

For materials and substances that come into contact with the sealant after processing, the user must ensure that their content or fumes cannot cause any impairment or alteration (e.g. discolouration) of the sealant joint. To determine the precise colour, use sample card art. no. 5995000400

Application area
  • For window glazing and sealing connection joints in wooden, plastic and aluminium windows.

  • Sealing expansion joints for indoor and outdoor use, such as door, wall, floor, ceiling and window ceiling joints and gutters.

  • Creating a seal between frame and safety glass. When doing so, it should be ensured that there can be no direct contact between the sealant and the laminated safety glass film.

  • Without primer: Wood (varnished, painted — refer to instructions), glass, aluminium (plain, painted, glazed), all types of metal (except lead and copper), enamel, tiles, plastic-coated panels, hard PVC

  • With primer: Concrete, aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, clinker, brick, gypsum, plaster

Please observe the "General Notes on Application for Sealants" and "Construction Material Compatibility of Würth Sealants" overview sheet.




310 ml

Chemical basis

Neutral crosslinked silicones, oxime-based

Fungicidal properties




Min. skin-formation time

10 min

Ultraviolet resistance


Continuous motion absorption

25 %


1.26 g/cm³



Full curing speed/conditions

2 mm/d / 23°C and 50% relative humidity

Shelf life from production

18 Month

Min./max. processing temperature

5 to 40 °C

Min./max. temperature resistance

-40 to 180 °C

Coating compatibility


Recoatable/Can be painted over


Shore A hardness


Min. breaking elongation

450 %

Breaking elongation conditions

for 2-mm film

Building material class

B2 - Normally inflammable



Water-vapour diffusion resistance factor value µ


Number per pallet

576 PCS



Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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